The QI Atkinson Hall headquarters is home to the Center for Brain Activity and Mapping, which brings together researchers from across multiple disciplines to tackle the technological and biological challenges of fully understanding the inner workings of the brain. Through the Calit2 Strategic Research Opportunities (CSRO) program, QI actively supports research aimed at shedding light on such brain disorders as autism, traumatic brain injury and Alzheimer’s. Tools and techniques being developed by QI researchers could aid in the monitoring of concussions, help detect memory loss and vision impairment in the elderly, and provide new insights into the development and treatment of neurological disorders such as autism and post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).


2014-2015 Round

  • A Platform for High-Density Human Brain Mapping Experiments, PI Vikash Gilja (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Integrating Real-Time Behavior with Real-Time Whole-Brain Recording, PI Ralph Greenspan (Molecular Biology and Center for Brain Activity Mapping)
  • High-Density, Flexible, and Bio-compatible 3D Optogenetic Neural Interfaces, PI Shadi Dayeh (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Monitoring Neurophysiological Responses to Head Impact Using an Instrumented Helmet, PI Harinath Garudadri (Qualcomm Institute)
  • NeuroGaming Center at UC San Diego, PI Leanne Chukoskie (Institute for Neural Computation)
  • An Encapsulated Active Neurological Shank for Robust Ultra-High-Density Brain Recording and Stimulation, PI Patrick Mercier (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • High Transition Temperature Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices for Next-Generation Biomagnetic Imaging Systems, PI Robert C. Dynes (Physics)
  • The VE-HuNT System: Immersive VR-based Tool for Patients with Cognitive Deficits Leading to Dementia, PI Eduardo Macagno (Biological Sciences)
  • Noisy Oscillatory Networks in Working Memory Maintenance in Aging, PI Bradley Voytek (Computational Cognitive Science and Neuroscience)
  • Development of a Portable, Brain-Based, Method for Objective Assessment of Visual Function Loss, PI Felipe Medeiros (Shiley Eye Center)

2012-2013 Round

  • Cognitive Healthcare: An Enabling Android Infrastructure, PI Tara Javidi (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Flexible EEG ‘Patch’ for Point-of-Care Health Monitoring, PI Deli Wang (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

2010-2011 Round

  • Social Cognition and Interactive Artificial Agents, PI Ayse Pinar Saygin (Cognitive Science and Neurosciences)
  • Automatic Facial Expression Analysis for Measurement of Pain and Stress, PI Jeannie Huang, M.D., (Pediatrics, Rady Children’s Hospital)