TThe Wireless Systems and Engineering (WISE) Group offers design and prototyping services focusing on software and communications systems—from concept to reality. The group employs programmers with extensive expertise in building wireless application code, networking protocols, algorithms and data processing solutions for a mix of platforms, including modern mobile communication devices such as phones and tablets, embedded (Linux) platforms, and software-defined radio (SDR) platforms such as FPGA/DSP/GPP. In past projects, the group developed mobile Android-based systems, Bluetooth/Zigbee/Wifi sensor networks, as well as custom-built rapidly deployable mesh networks for emergency response. In addition, the team has extensive experience with Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) open-waveform and FPGA-based SDR testbeds, as well as interfacing with data acquisition cards and kernel programming.

Areas of expertise in the Wireless Systems and Engineering group include:

  • Application-level software development
  • Advanced SW design for embedded Linux-based platforms
  • Software development for embedded systems (including Xilinx FPGA and Power PC)
  • Software for Android clients
  • Software and firmware design for target platforms, for detailed evaluation and testing
  • Designing and implementing RESTful API's for Web applications
  • Interfacing and controlling RF front-end systems
  • Wireless mesh (ad-hoc) network routing protocol design and prototyping
  • All aspects of the physical, MAC and networking layers of communication protocol stacks
  • Standards and underlying communications technologies, for LTE, WiMax, WLAN, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, Bluetooth, and more
  • SCA (JTRS) waveform system-level design and simulations
  • Design of demonstration devices for field-testing of system prototypes.
  • Large-scale wireless network simulations (QualNet)
  • Architecture of algorithms and protocols within FPGA/DSP/GPP prototyping platforms
  • FPGA design with Xilinx’s System Generator
  • FPGA design verification using HDL, Matlab and System Generator design flow
  • Software development for TI DSP
Manager / Contact: Curt Schurgers, QI Functional Area Manager | Email | (858) 246-1442
Recharge rate: Please refer to website at prototyping.ucsd.edu/rates.php
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