The WAVE is a TourCAVE turned on its side. By mounting the screens in a cylindrical shape, we minimize ghosting issues with them. And by mounting them horizontally, we allow for more viewers to see images without ghosting.

The WAVE consists of 35 3DTVs from LG with a 55" diagonal and narrow bezels. The displays support passive stereo with circular polarization at full HD resolution. The system displays about 35 million pixels per eye. It is powered by 19 graphics PCs with dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 graphics cards. We use an optical tracking system and input device from AR Tracking.

Manager: Falko Kuester | Email
Recharge rate:Daytime usage $210/hr internal ($304/hr external); night-time users $140/hr internal ($203/hr external); staff time $67/hr internal ($98/hr external); staff software and hardware setup $99 internal ($144 external)