Based in the Immersive Visualization Laboratory (IVL), the Visualization Group works on research projects that translate data onto screens, typically in advanced ways (4K/UHD, large multi-panel displays, 3D and virtual reality, mobile devices). High- resolution camera input and various other sensor data (LiDAR, structure-from-motion photography, environmental monitors) are all of interest. We build advanced PCs, design displays, and use high-speed networks, program the systems, and then work data and models into interactive display sessions for large-scale projects. We hold workshops to train internal and external groups.

The Visualization Group can benefit any project that needs expert programming for research-level video/photography, development of sensors of all types, including high-resolution video and audio, interactive/immersive computer graphics/virtual reality, simulation, and data visualization. Big data and deep learning projects with their focus on fast storage, networking, and interactive display, are a current focus of the Visualization Group. Projects are underway in health care, automobile CFD visualization, geospatial applications with advanced terrain rendering, designing hardware, software, and applications of large- scale displays for a variety of internal and external customers.

The Group would like to increase usage and expand access to QI’s large-scale display environments by creating new applications in partnership with faculty and researchers. Design of clonable lab-scale displays with PCs that have significant local processing/storage and advanced networking is a focus of the FIONA (Flash I/O Network Appliance) project with SDSC. Novel interaction devices and interfaces are available for exploration and adoption as well. Graphical display of social media findings through custom programming of Google tools is a fast-developing area of the Group’s expertise. Advanced CAD design of parts and their realization through 3D printing has developed into a specialized offering over the past year. Significant parallel processing (CPU and GPU) is available on several well-networked clusters off hours when the displays are not in use. Deep learning systems are under development.

Tom DeFanti, QI Research Scientist | Email
Jurgen Schulze, QI Research Scientist | Email
Falko Kuester, QI Research Scientist | Email
Recharge rate: Visualization services are available at $92/hr internal ($142.50/hr external) or by %FTE allocations for projects.
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