The TourCAVE is a lower cost version of the NexCAVE. It consists of 14 65" LG 3DTVs which we turned on their sides. The displays support passive stereo with circular polarization at full HD resolution. Our system has roughly 28 Megapixels, or 14 Megapixels per eye (7560x3840 pixels). The TourCAVE is powered by 7 high end graphics PCs with dual Nvidia GeForce 580 graphics cards. We use an ART Smarttrack system for head and wand tracking, and use a Gyration Gyromouse as the input device. Both COVISE and CalVR are installed in the TourCAVE.

Manager: Jurgen Schulze | Email
Recharge rate:Daytime usage $210/hr internal ($304/hr external); night-time users $140/hr internal ($203/hr external); staff time $67/hr internal ($98/hr external); staff software and hardware setup $99 internal ($144 external)