The StarCAVE virtual-reality environment is popular among researchers as well as with visitors to the Qualcomm Institute. The StarCAVE consists of five walls with three screens each, plus floor projection. Two JVC HD2K projectors generate a stereo image for each screen, plus four projectors for the floor, totalling 34 projectors. Every projector pair is driven by a Dell XPS computer running under CentOS Linux version 6, with dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 285 graphics cards and a 10 Gigabit NIC. We use an additional XPS machine as the head node to control the rendering cluster, for a total of 18 nodes. For user tracking and interaction we use a wireless, optical tracking system by ART Tracking. It consists of four infrared cameras and a Flystick2 3D joystick. We currently support two software environments to drive the StarCAVE: Calit2's own CalVR and COVISE. But any Linux-compatible OpenGL-based application can be ported to the StarCAVE. The StarCAVE is located on the first floor of Atkinson Hall in room 1608a. StarCAVE is available to researchers and visitors.

Manager: Jurgen Schulze | Email
Recharge rate:Daytime usage $210/hr internal ($304/hr external); night-time users $140/hr internal ($203/hr external); staff time $67/hr internal ($98/hr external); staff software and hardware setup $99 internal ($144 external)