The Qualcomm Institute offers two specialized resources in systems prototyping to support researchers, as well as student groups.

The Prototyping Facility is a set of labs that act as a dedicated design consulting service on campus. Its goal is to help researchers in designing and building physical prototypes of a wide variety of systems. The facility employs professional staff consisting of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, software designers, as well as trained student interns. They can build a design for you, or work in collaboration with you or your students. The space includes work benches, tools, machining and measurement equipment, and a shared lab environment that encourages system building, experimentation and tinkering. Current and past clients include PIs from across the internal (UC San Diego) community as well as external clients, including industry collaborators, startup companies and tenants in the QI Innovation Space incubator.

The Prototyping Facility’s resources include:

  • Mechanical, electrical, software design and prototyping services, with staff engineers providing specialized design services on recharge;
  • Student interns trained in prototyping;
  • Access to machining and prototyping equipment, including design software for electrical and mechanical systems (PCB design, 3D-CAD, etc.), soldering stations, hand tools, and 3D printers, as well as a dedicated machine shop with a CNC mill, gantry router, laser cutter, and saws.
  • Workbench space is available for users to work on their prototyping projects in collaboration with staff of the Prototyping Facility.
Manager / Contact: Jeff Sandubrae, QI Functional Area Manager | Email
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