The NexCAVE was inspired by the StarCAVE and designed and developed by Calit2 Research Scientist Tom DeFanti, Virtual Reality Design Engineer Greg Dawe, Research Scientist Jürgen Schulze and Visualization Specialist Andrew Prudhomme. The Calit2 NexCAVE includes of 17 JVC Xpol (cross-polarized) panels, arranged into five columns, and produces data resolution close to human visual acuity (defined as “20/20 vision”). The Calit2 NexCAVE has an effective resolution of 10,000 x 1,500 pixels per eye. The JVC HDTV Xpol panels are very bright, which means that, unlike the StarCAVE, the NexCAVE can be used under normal room light levels. The NexCAVE is powered by 9 high end graphics PCs running under CentOS 6, with dual Nvidia 480 graphics cards. An additional graphics PC serves as the head node to control the rendering cluster. For user tracking and interaction, we use the optical tracking system TrackPack by ART Tracking. It consists of two infrared cameras and wireless tracking targets. A Saitek game pad serves as the input device. We support the same software environments as in the StarCAVE. The NexCAVE cannot be reserved separately, but is part of any StarCAVE reservation.

Manager: Jurgen Schulze | Email
Recharge rate:Daytime usage $210/hr internal ($304/hr external); night-time users $140/hr internal ($203/hr external); staff time $67/hr internal ($98/hr external); staff software and hardware setup $99 internal ($144 external)