The Mobile Applications Group is primarily focused on the research and development of next-generation mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms.

We develop both client and server components. Traditional mobile applications typically push content to the phone. We have been working on leveraging the phones as sensors and relay information that would typically require deploying an infrastructure. Some of the domains we have worked on include:

  • Telematics and transportation
  • Health care
  • Social networks
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Mobile surveys / data collection

The group has particular expertise in:

  • Mobile application development for the Android and iOS platforms
  • Location-based services
  • Server-side development in Java/.Net/PHP
  • Cloud-based application development

The Mobile Applications Group also creates wireless and Internet-based technologies for the advancement of medical research and treatment. The group has developed enabling telemedicine technologies in the areas of patient-monitoring, physician/patient communication and remote physician presence, with particular emphasis on embedded systems development, medical-device integration, server-management systems, interactive web portals for patient interaction, and mobile clients for handsets and wearable computers. Technical capabilities include medical device integration with data collection, as well as monitoring and information-management systems.

Manager / Contact: Ganz Chockalingam, QI Principal Development Engineer | Email| (858) 822-3844
For Telemedicine Applications: Phil Rios | Email | (858) 525-5983
Recharge rate: Staff programmer $85/hr internal ($124/hr external); student programmer $29/hr; senior programmer $125/hr internal ($181/hr external)
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