The Circuits Labs enable the design, assembly and testing of new wireless devices, techniques and systems. It features state-of-the-art equipment rarely found in a university environment, suitable for testing and design in RF, analog, wireless and telecom electronics. The labs offer access to specialized equipment and tools and complete experimental capabilities in four primary areas:

  • Millimeter-Wave Lab, focusing on frequencies of 20MHz–170GHz, including micro-probe stations, a low-noise shield room and miscellaneous equipment, e.g., microamps and micro-volt sources, noise-figure meters and low-phase noise test sets;
  • Power Amplifier Lab (200mW–2000W), with state-of-the-art amplifier testbeds and notable expertise in battery management;
  • Base-Station Lab: a rooftop, on-the-air cellular service under experimental licenses for research use; and the
  • Antenna-Garden Lab, which consists of a rapid-antenna-deployment testbed with RF and gigabit Ethernet connections to various other labs.

The Circuits Labs offer resources for design, prototyping, testing and deployment of electronic devices, as well as for undergraduate and graduate student projects in these areas. Previous work included record- setting power-efficient cellular & WLAN power amplifiers, ultra-low-power/noise no-delay radios, as well as portable software-defined radios, wireless medical response devices, MIMO devices, personal mobile pollution sensors, wireless health monitors, etc. The labs offer access to specialized equipment and tools.

Manager / Contact: Curt Schurgers, QI Functional Area Manager | Email | (858) 246-1442
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