The Qualcomm Institute Circuits Labs (QICL) enables the design and test of new wireless and mixed-signal (analog/digital) devices and systems. The lab offers access to the specialized tools and equipment in three primary facilities:

Millimeter-wave Lab (Atkinson 5208): The lab features multiple micro-probe stations for direct IC (bare die) measurement, laser cutting for chip structure trimming and diagnostic, and an EMI shield room for low-noise measurements. It carries a host of specialized equipment and components capable of characterizing mmW systems up to 110 GHz.

RF/ mixed-signal Lab (Atkinson 5206): The lab features more than 20 full-size test benches and soldering stations for electronic prototype assembly and test. It carries general-purpose, high-end vector signal generators, spectrum analyzers, logic analyzers, oscilloscopes and network analyzers. Covering signal frequencies from DC to 8 GHz, the lab provides a one-stop electronics experimentation facility for diverse scientific and research purposes.

Antenna-Garden Lab (Atkinson 7/F): Optimally located at the rooftop of Atkinson Hall with virtually unrestricted view, the lab is a rapid-antenna-deployment testbed with Gigabit Ethernet connections to various labs.

QI Circuits Lab provides custom electronics design service for researchers of various disciplines, delivering prototypes to meet their specific scientific objectives. Our lab personnel are skilled in: RF/ analog and digital custom PCB design, micro-controller/ wireless modules programming, and electronic system test.

Manager / Contact: Mark Stambaugh, Interim Director of Circuits Lab | Email
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