Agilent Technologies helped enhance existing tools by adding the Agilent 81600B-201 Tunable Laser (operating from 1455-1640nm with a 0.8fm-100fm resolution), the Agilent 83453B High-Resolution Spectrometer (8fm resolution), and the N4373C Lightwave Component Analyzer, which allows the measurement of the electrical/optical spectral response of photonic devices up to 67Ghz. In addition to the equipment listed above, the Laboratory offers two isolated optical tables and an overhead rack for optical/optoelectronic measurement setups.

Through a dedicated fiber-optic link, the facility (on the 4th floor of Atkinson Hall) is connected to the experimental datacenter facility in the building and can connect to the Photonic Systems Laboratory on the 6th floor. For testing photonic devices, a custom fiber-coupling setup with piezo-electric position control has been assembled. In addition, it is possible to package and pigtail the chips using UV epoxy bonding. The lab’s capability is augmented with state-of-the-art software tools, such as COMSOL and RSoft, running on a server donated by Oracle with 8 cores and 128GB of memory. The facility has been used to test nanophotonic devices such as nanolasers and low-loss silicon photonic waveguide devices (fabricated in the Nano3 facility). The testing facility aims for the seamless integration of electronics with photonic circuits via CMOS-compatible process for numerous applications, including energy-efficient and scalable, high-performance computers and datacenters as well as ultra-compact and cost-effective medical devices, implants and systems.

Director / Contact: Professor Shaya Fainman, Electrical and Computer Engineering | Email
Recharge rate: Lab usage is available on an hourly basis at $149/hr internal ($216/hr external)
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