All applicants will submit a proposal that will be reviewed by a Qualcomm Institute faculty committee with campus-wide representation. Organizations will be reviewed and selected based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Letters of endorsement or support commitments from other UCSD, San Diego and National organizations (such as von Liebig Center, CONNECT, EvoNexus, BIOCOM, etc.);
  • Relevance to strategic plans of QI and UC San Diego;
  • Depth and breadth of collaborations with QI and UCSD; and
  • Commitment to community education through the use of interns, entrepreneur education via community outreach and mentor programs.

The successful organization must:

  • Agree to Atkinson Hall building occupancy rules;
  • Execute a lease through the UCSD real estate office;
  • Secure licenses through UCSD Tech Transfer Office (TTO) if intellectual property (IP) arrangements or material transfer agreements are involved; and
  • Process any service agreement through the UCSD Procurement Office if such an agreement must be established.

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