Additive Rocket Corporation (ARC)

The Additive Rocket Corporation (ARC) 3D prints metal rocket engines for the space industry. The ARC team is dedicated to providing value to satellite manufacturers, launch service providers, and government agencies through their expertise in additive manufacturing and optimization of fluid and heat flow. Co-founder and CEO: Andy T. Kieatiwong

Clinical Addiction Recovery Institute (CARI)

The Clinical Addition Recovery Institute (CARI) aims to be San Diego's center for innovative recovery programs. Its signature On the Go recovery program integrates cutting-edge smartphone technology with proven behavior-change techniques to address stress management and substance use. The program includes short, quick and powerful mobile app exercises dispersed throughout the day, designed to produce significant behaviors. The program combines advanced mobile technology with evidence-based techniques for the most convenient and effective recovery available.


FASTech specializes in real-time and low latency solutions to complex problems in computer and machine vision. It is developing its own proprietary technology for the next generation of image and video compression, streaming, geographic information systems, and virtual and augmented reality.

Foundation for Learning Equality

One of the greatest barriers to broad, free access to educational opportunities is the estimated 4.2 billion people worldwide who still lack Internet access. The Foundation for Learning Equality is a non-profit startup behind KA-Lite, an open-source platform for viewing and interacting with Khan Academy videos and exercises that can be used even when no Internet access is available. KA-Lite is now installed in 160 countries.

Genius Gyms

Genius Gyms is in the early stages of building unique software on iOS and Android that will combine individualized aerobic conditioning training with personalized brain challenges using cutting-edge motion tracking technology to train a user’s brain and body simultaneously.


LinOptx is developing photonic devices and systems to manipulate opticals beams for imaging with applications in free-space communication, brain imaging and nanosurgery.


LonProx develops indoor navigation and positioning technology within mobile devices for residential and commercial markets.

Mint Muse

"Designer sound" is how Mint Muse describes the audio apps it develops and distributes.Sound, an instant stamp of spatial impression, your pathfinder with closed eyes, and the direct pathway to engineer your emotion. What’s the future of high-quality, immersive experience in sound? Passionate developers and designers from Mint Muse applications for smartphones, headphones, and head-mounted displays. One of its first products is the Mint Muse® Sound Level Meter Pro, which transforms an iPhone or iPad into a high-quality sound level meter.


Nanome is developing state of the art virtual reality software that simulates nanoscaled systems using virtual and augmented reality interfaces to accelerate nanotechnology development.

Oxygen Initiative

Oxygen Iniative provides smart grid solutions for the safe, efficient and reliable integration of electric vehicles with power grid. OI works with automakers, utilities, and EV owners to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and bring standards-based smart grid solutions to this exciting and rapidly-expanding new market.

RAM Photonics

Founded in 2009, RAM Photonics, LLC, commercializes specialty high-performance fiber systems. The company focuses on translational R&D, developing: (a) commercial-grade modules for technical risk reduction and technology demonstrations; (b) intellectual property directly coupled with targeted technologies; and (c) robust and reliable commercial hardware for sale to the general public.


SciCrunch is working on technology that assesses research publications for experimental reproducibility.

Sinopia Biosciences

Sinopia Biosciences uses a proprietary computational modeling and machine learning platform to analyze complex biological datasets to uncover drug side effect mechanisms and repurpose safe drugs to treat them.


Technosylva provides advanced, GIS-enabled software solutions for wildfire protection planning and operational response as well as firefighter and public safety. The company's solutions encapsulate years of forestry and wildfire experience into efficient, timely and responsive applications for wildfire risk analysis, fire protection planning, and fire incident operations. That functionality is embedded in its three product lines fiResponseTM, Wildfire AnalystTM and the Wildfire Risk Atlas.


VirBELA's mission is to transform learning for everyone, everywhere -- connecting learners from around the world and providing them with experiential, shared learning experiences. The company builds modern virtual worlds to provide 3D immersive learning environments with voice and text chat systems, avatar customizatoin, cloud-based solutions, and integrated collaborative web browsing as well as the Unity3D game engine and behavioral-based assessment. VirBELA's proprietary, immersive 3D campus, which supports blended learning and big data assessment, is highly customizable for clients