Space Travel, Resistance and Revolution Converge in New Art Exhibition at the Qualcomm Institute

On January 17th, the Qualcomm Institute at UC San Diego makes first contact with a new art exhibition rich with themes of space travel, resistance and revolution.

A Glimmer Exodus Sketchbook by Michael Trigilio, an associate teaching professor in UC San Diego’s Visual Arts Department, weaves together more than a dozen works in various media exploring speculative realizations of intergalactic travel, planetary exodus, and themes of political unrest. Since 2017, Trigilio has been developing a long-form narrative project based on his serialized science-fiction novel, Glimmer: Verse One of the Blockchain Elegy. The works in this exhibition are polished “sketches” that illuminate the sounds, landscapes, vessels, and visualizations born in the world of the novel. Also included as part of the exhibit is Trigilio’s 2017 short film, 12 Transmissions from the Occupied States Orbiting the Sun, an animated piece that forges a central conceptual link to the themes of political rage and uprising found throughout the exhibition.

In Trigilio’s novel, the “Glimmer” are a loosely-knit cohort of visionaries, radicals and creators. They have leveraged their gifts and their work to connect with a cosmic intelligence, enabling their organization and departure from Earth, vowing to make a new world. Like the sketchbook itself, the work of the Glimmer is a process of trial and error: mistakes are made, the future is built and transcendence is possible.

A Glimmer Exodus Sketchbook kicks off from 5–7 p.m. on January 17th with a presentation by creator Michael Trigilio and an open reception. The exhibition will be on display at QI’s gallery@calit2 in Atkinson Hall through February 22nd, 2019.

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