Industry + Startups


From its inception, QI has generated more than a dozen startup companies created by personnel or derived from licensed technologies developed in the institute. Two of those companies – Mushroom Networks and Ortiva Wireless (the latter acquired by Allot Communications in 2012) – were launched by teams of researchers emerging from QI’s Ericsson-funded Adaptive Systems project. Since then, Ortiva Wireless has been acquired by Allot Communications (in 2012), while mergers and acquisitions have allowed some of these startups to cash in and become part of larger companies in their respective industries. For example in 2013 alone, Tomnod (founded by QI research scientist Albert Lin) was acquired by DigitalGlobe, and LonoCloud (led by former QI and CSE professor Ingolf Krueger) was merged into ViaSat. Other corporate startups out of QI have included MaXentric Technologies, HIPerWorks, Digital Proteomics, Emotient and others.