What is the purpose of your institute?
The Qualcomm Institute (QI) brings together interdisciplinary teams of UC San Diego faculty, students, technical professionals and industry partners to come up with innovative technology solutions to large-scale challenges facing society in the 21st century. QI also aims to keep California on the cutting edge of new technologies in order for the state to dominate tomorrow’s industries and jobs in the next Silicon Valley. To learn more, visit About on this website.
What kind of research takes place in QI?
QI stresses collaborative research in four core areas to benefit society – culture, energy, the environment, and health. The institute also invests heavily in four categories of technology to enable advances in those core areas, namely, wireless, photonics, cyberinfrastructure, and nano-micro-electromechanical systems (nano-MEMS). QI also plays a leading role in the development of new institutes, initiatives and research centers for the broader UC San Diego campus, as it has done on topics ranging from robotics and the brain to design and cultural heritage. For details, visit our Research section.
Who works at QI?
More than 350 faculty members and nearly 120 technical and professional staff at UC San Diego are affiliated with QI, as well as hundreds of student workers, undergraduate scholars, graduate fellows, postdoctoral researchers, engineers, project and research scientists. Please find more information about our leadership here and faculty / staff directory here.
What is Calit2, and what’s your connection to it?
Calit2 is one of four Gray Davis Institutes for Science and Innovation founded in the year 2000 and located on University of California campuses. Calit2 is a partnership of UC San Diego and UC Irvine, with buildings on both campuses (Atkinson Hall at UCSD, the CSE Building at UCI). Calit2 has three sister institutes: the California NanoSystems Institute (UC Santa Barbara, UCLA); California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (UCSF, UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley); and the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Merced and UC Santa Cruz). In April 2013, the UCSD Division of Calit2 was named the Qualcomm Institute in recognition of the company’s role as the division’s largest philanthropic donor – reaching nearly $26 million between 2000 and 2012.
Are you part of Qualcomm, Inc.?
No, we are not part of Qualcomm, Inc. nor of any other company. The Qualcomm Institute is still part of the two-campus Calit2.
Does QI offer laboratory space or other research space to the general public?
Outside researchers and entrepreneurs can apply to become a tenant in our Qualcomm Institute Innovation Space (QIIS). Many of our laboratories and other research services are available to external organizations on a recharge basis; for details and rates, visit our Research Services page.
What other services do you offer?
QI offers access to a number of services, facilities and resources in Atkinson Hall to members of the campus community (at the internal UCSD rates) as well as to corporate and other off-campus organizations (at external rates). In addition to Research Services, our services including multimedia production, editorial services, grant-writing, and prototyping. Some services do not recharge on an hourly rate, but they may bill customers as a percentage of personnel and materials costs. For details, visit our Services section.
Are there other opportunities to get involved with QI?
Faculty not yet listed as Academic Participants of QI are invited to contact QI Director Ramesh Rao about affiliating with the institute in order to be eligible to submit proposals for funding under QI’s Calit2 Strategic Research Opportunities (CSRO) grant program. The institute is also regularly looking for student workers or interns to work in our labs and research groups. All QI employment opportunities are listed on the campus UCSD Jobs page.
Can I host my event at QI?
How can I donate to QI?
To donate to QI or one of our programs, visit the Online Giving page for the Qualcomm Institute Director’s Innovation Fund (3294). For other QI causes, search for “Qualcomm Institute” for alternative giving options.
Do you offer unpaid internships?
QI does not offer a formal internship program at this time.
Where on the UC San Diego campus is QI located, and where do I park?
QI is located primarily in Atkinson Hall. The reception is on the 5th Floor. For a map, driving directions and parking information, visit our Contact page.
How do I get in touch with someone at QI?