Machine Learning Workshop


Date: 2019-10-29to
Time: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Location: UC San Diego Extension - University City Center, 6256 Greenwich Dr


Who is this for? Data analysts and technology practitioners, data scientists, IT and BI professionals, software engineer, data engineers, analytics project leaders, scientist, engineers, managers.

Learn how to use data to make actionable data driven decisions! Big data is not a hype any more, it’s a reality! The demand for Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, and Data Engineers is unprecedented, as demonstrated by the ever-growing number of job postings and increasing compensations.  Whether you are thinking about changing your current career or augmenting your skills – this workshop is for you. No previous programming knowledge required.

How is it structured? This workshop will provide participants with practical, hands-on learning experiences, including:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning platforms and best practices
  • Prepare data and build predictive models
  • How to select the most appropriate method
  • Essential skills to design, train, test and evaluate machine learning models
  • Approaches to advance analytics and interpret the results

For more information, check out the event webpage