Big Data Tools & Techniques Workshop


Date: 2019-10-01to
Time: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Location: UC San Diego Extension - University City Center, 6256 Greenwich Dr


The Big Data Tools & Techniques Workshop is designed for industry professionals, researchers and graduate students. 

Learn how to use data to make wise, actionable data driven decisions! The future is Big Data, and the critical value and demand for Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, and Data Engineers is clear, as demonstrated by the number of job postings and three-figure compensations.

How is it structured? Qualcomm Institute’s series of day camps provide participants with practical, hands-on learning experiences, including:

  • The latest innovations for analyzing data and delivering value
  • How to conquer technical Big Data obstacles
  • Introduction to Big Data platforms and best practices
  • How to select the most appropriate Big Data technology
  • Essential skills to design, build, test and evaluate data analytics approaches
  • Ways to advance analytics and interpret the results
  • Resources, skills, and strategy for your next Big Data project

For more details, visit the Big Data Day Camp site.