Hearing Seascapes with the Mivos Quartet


Date: 2019-05-29
Time: 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Location: Calit2 Auditorium, UC San Diego


The “Hearing Seascapes” project is a collaborative effort between UC San Diego’s Qualcomm Institute, which fosters innovation at the intersection of art and technology, and UC San Diego’s Jacobs School of Engineering, Department of Music and Scripps Institution of Oceanography. In a seminar-style course, students of engineering, music and the marine sciences help the participants compose music to accompany audio captured by scientists at Scripps. The performance will be led by the Mivos Quartet, an award-winning string ensemble based out of New York.

Hopefully, Liang says, “Hearing Seascapes” will connect with people in a way that inspires future generations to preserve and better understand our critically important natural environments.

“In a way, our homes are being destroyed. And with the technology and our creative artistic approach, perhaps there is a way we can reclaim what our home can be,” said Liang.

“Hearing Seascapes” with the Mivos Quartet will be performed in the Qualcomm Institute Auditorium in Atkinson Hall on May 29 at 6 p.m., with a reception to follow. The event is free and open to the public.