Event Services handles charges for the Atkinson Hall Event Spaces and Conference Rooms. The base rates for these facilities are provided below and include: use of the facility for the time period indicated, one (1) event support staff, one (1) AV support staff for the time period indicated, and basic equipment rental, including microphones and simple projection needs.

Use of 4K projectors, which offer four times the resolution of HD video projectors, is not included and is charged at a separate hourly rate on top of the event rate.

Rehearsal time, setup and breakdown must be included in determining the total time needed for the reservation and final amount charged. Additional usage beyond the defined time period per rate will be subject to additional staff time charged at the appropriate hourly rate below. Additional student support time is billed separately from the event rate.

Starting August 1, 2018: In order to ensure reliable service to our clients, any requests for split funding of an event or any portion or expense there-of must be pre-approved by the Events Area fund manager. This pre-approval process must allow the time and advance notice necessary to ensure that all indexes to be used have in place the appropriate index holder approvals before any expenses are accrued.

Event Space Services (houly rate) UC (Internal) Non-UC (External)
Auditorium & Pre-Function Area
(Includes: 1 Event Support Staff & 1 AV Support Staff with facilities)
$245 $370
Theater & Pre-Function Area
(Includes: 1 Event Support Staff & 1 AV Support Staff (hourly))
$216 $275
Facilities UC (Internal) Non-UC (External)
(Seats 201 - Max capacity 215 )
$75 $110
(Multi-use space that can be arranged in multiple layouts)
$45 $70
(Reception, Meal, Registration, Sponsors, Showcase space)
$40 $60
Conference Rooms
(10-20 max capacity / multiple rooms available)
$20 $30
Technology Charges UC (Internal) Non-UC (External)
VROOM Wall Display System - Theater only (hourly) $25 $37
Staffing UC (Internal) Non-UC (External)
Event Staff Support (Required)
(Required for all events)
$65 $95
Student Staff Support (AV, Tours, Events)
(Optional additional support staff)
$20 $30
Audio Visual/Tech Support Staff (Required)
(Required for all events)
$65 $95
Photographer - Senior
(Additional time required for editing)
$75 $110
Photographer - Junior
(Additional time required for editing)
$35 $55
Video Recording and Web streaming Production/Editing
(Additional time required for editing)
$95 $140
Web and Graphic Design Services $80 $200
Senior Communication Director $125 $189
Conference Registration (Weg Online)
(4 hour minimum for setup and extra staffing time if required)
$65 $95
Internal vs. External Clients 
Internal Internal users are users paying with funds that already exist within the University of California system. Usually, UCSD affiliates paying via UCSD index.
External Clients require a confirmed valid form of payment and signed Service Contract before event can be confirmed. Additional rate charges are based on mandatory University overhead cost recovery and are non-negotiable for all clients (including non-profit.) We can take cash or checks as payment, and for international clients *only* we can take payment by Wire Transfer.
Forms of payment We accept UCSD index via recharge (billed out at the end of the month) cash or check. International clients (only) can pay viaWire Transfer. A valid form of payment must be confirmed before a reservation will be created.
Weekend 4 hour minimum on all facilities and services (no exceptions)
Cleaning Cleaning is included in your hourly rate. However, we reserve the right to charge an additional cleaning fee if facilities are damaged or more extensive than usual.
Overtime: 7am to 7pm + Weekend UC (Internal) Non-UC (External)
Staff Support $85 125
Student Support $30 45