The Divisional Councils were set up to provide guidance to institute leaders at UC San Diego and UC Irvine, respectively. Members are appointed to cover a broad cross-section of affiliated faculty, and to give those faculty members an active role in mapping the strategic direction of Calit2 on each campus. Membership in the Divisional Councils also reflects the institute’s intellectual and research goals, and faculty are urged to play an active role in areas where they are particularly invested. Topics up for discussion range from strategic vision to the nuts and bolts of budgeting, and everything in between.


Ramesh Rao, QI, Electrical and Computer Engineering (Chair)

Barbara Sawrey, Chemistry & Biochemistry (Co-Chair)

Dimitri Basov, Physics

Benjamin Bratton, Visual Arts

James Buckwalter, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Tom DeFanti, QI

Shaya Fainman, Electrical and Computer Engineering

James Fowler, Political Science and Medicine

Ross Frank, Ethnic Studies

Terry Gaasterland, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Rajesh Gupta, Computer Science and Engineering

Jim Hollan, Cognitive Science

Jules Jaffe, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Tara Javidi, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Miroslav Krstic, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Yuhwa Lo, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Yuki Marsden, QI

Pavel Pevzner, Computer Science and Engineering

Phil Papadopoulos, San Diego Supercomputer Center

Rand Steiger, Music


Ramesh Rao, Director, QI (Chair)

Falko Kuester, Structural Engineering

Albert Lin, Qualcomm Institute

Gabriele Wienhausen, Biological Sciences

Kevin Patrick, Family and Preventive Medicine

Rajesh Gupta, Computer Science and Engineering

Peter Otto, Music and QI Sonic Arts R&D

Shaya Fainman, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Todd Coleman, Bioengineering

Mohan Paturi, Computer Science and Engineering

Tom Defanti, Qualcomm Institute

Truong Nguyen, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Tom Levy, Anthropology

Yuki Marsden, MSO, QI

Alicia Clarke, Director of Communications, QI