What does it mean to curate?
Why do galleries exist anyway?
What do we learn from public talks?
How is the audience engaged?

These are some of the questions that contemporary curators ask both themselves and their collaborators as a way of understanding their mission and formulating exhibition strategies.

The ARQiVE project targets the media archive at the Qualcomm Institute (QI) to highlight emergent patterns and examine how our approach to media serves the instituteís goals. This ARQiVE mines the video documentation produced by QI and the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2) as a primary source for high-resolution productions that are ultimately viewable by the public.

These curatorial productions can take the form of HD or Ultra High-Definition 4K/8K projection in Atkinson Hallís Auditorium or via display on the Vroom tiled wall in its Theater.

Over time, we foresee creating additional content for integration into ARQiVE productions through the use of alternative visualization resources such as CAVEcam stereo imaging, LIDAR laser scanning, as well as 4K and HD cameras. Initial ARQiVE productions will focus on curatorial areas that intersect with the four QI research themes involving applications of societal interest, i.e., culture, energy, environment, and health. These curatorial projects will be presented to the public on QIís large-scale display systems at their highest available resolutions (including 8K, which offers eight times the resolution of HD video), but they are also being made available online through this section of the QI website.

Video ARQiVE

ARQiVE Culture is available at many different resolutions, from HD to 8K, and online.

ARQiVE Culture (2016)

HD/4K/8K Video | Curated and produced originally in 8K by Trish Stone
Music and sound design by Michael Trigilio | 3 minutes

ARQiVE gratefully acknowledges support from the Qualcomm Institute, with special thanks to the Gallery Committee and to artists and collaborators represented by the gallery@calit2. Videos and photo documentations recorded by the media and a/v groups in QI, and further documentation is available at

Glimpses (2015)

HD/4K Video | Curated and produced by Trish Stone
Original content from IDEAS Performance Series | 3:30 minutes

The work Glimpses features video and images captured by QI of performances by Michael Trigilio, Samuel Dunscombe, Yvette Jackson and Ava Porter, Sam Doshier, Kristin Idaszak and Sarah Wansley, Elmira Mohebali, Jon Forshee, Aiyun Huang and collaborators. The depicted works were staged in QI spaces as part of the Initiative for Digital Exploration of Arts and Sciences (IDEAS) Performance Series.


Trish Stone


ARQiVE curator Trish Stone drew on her technical expertise in 4K and 8K development as well as her background as a media artist and lecturer versed in the critical discourse of archival and artistic video production. Stone received an MFA in 2003 from the California College of Arts and Crafts and exhibited media work internationally. She has curated ambitious exhibitions in the community as well as in the gallery@calit2, and taught advanced media production courses in UC San Diegoís Department of Visual Arts.

Stone works at the critical intersection of technology, pedagogy and curatorial practice. She has also successfully produced artistic works with content derived from CAVEcam, LIDAR and 4K data sets, notably for the Socially Engaged Speculative Media Initiative (SESMI) project funded through QIís Calit2 Strategic Research Opportunities (CSRO) grant program. SESMI invited students and community members to experiment with a range of media and design modalities, imagining a constantly changing social and technological present. This included mentoring students through multiple production workflows, culminating in a series of workshops and related events in 2013 and 2014 (including display of 4K Short Films presented by Stone at the Filmatic Festival 2014.

The artistís previous works included the 2015 production, Glimpses (available for viewing below at vimeo). In connection with her work as coordinator for the gallery@calit2, Trish Stone created and produced QIís first video for 8K viewing under the title ARQiVE culture in 2016, with music and sound design by UC San Diego visual arts professor Michael Trigilio (who also collaborated on the SESMI project with Stone).