CHASE-CI Workshop (May 14) and CineGrid Spotlight: AI (May 15)

Cine Arts


Date: 2018-05-14to
Time: 9:00am
Location: Atkinson Hall - Calit2 Auditorium, UC San Diego
*Registration is Required.


The CHASE-CI Workshop is an all-day event, taking place on Monday, May 14th. Many of the computer scientists across the University of California campuses, as well as other CHASE-CI grant research partners, will be gathering to discuss the status of the CHASE-CI roll-out of FIONA8-based Machine Learning (ML) systems, best practices for development with Kubernetes, and the status of their ML and AI research projects, among their peers.

The CineGrid Spotlight: AI event on the morning of Tuesday, May 15th, (9:00AM - 1:00 PM) features presentations and panels from technical leaders in the Media and Entertainment (M&E) community, highlighting the use of AI/ML in optimizing global special effects content creation pipelines; broadcast sports; film restoration and new proposed architectures for content-centric networks. CineGrid Spotlight attendees arriving on the morning of May 14th, will have the opportunity to sit in on the afternoon CHASE-CI workshop sessions. You'll learn more about the various ML-enhanced CHASE-CI scientific research projects underway, and attend the evening wine & cheese reception - featuring demonstrations in the 500 Megapixel 70-GPU walk-in virtual environment called the SunCAVE.

As part of the CineGrid 2.0 initiative, another objective of this CineGrid Spotlight: AI event, is to identify the key AI/ML research areas, where CineGrid members would add significant value and foster collaborative research projects among the science, data science and creative media communities.