Center for Microbiome Innovation 2018 Research Summit

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Date: 2018-03-07
Time: 10am - 4:50pm
Location: Qualcomm Conference Center, Jacobs Hall, UC San Diego

Guest Speaker: Rob Knight, Faculty Director, CMI; et al.

*Registration is Required.
Host: Center for Microbiome Innovation


The Center for Microbiome Innovation (CMI) will hold its 2018 Research Summit on March 7 from 10am - 4:50pm, followed by a networking reception. The summit is open to industry and the entire UC San Diego community, registration required.

UC San Diego is a world-leader in microbiome research, biomedical engineering, quantitative measurements and modeling, cellular and chemical imaging, drug discovery, “omics” sciences and much more. We draw interdisciplinary teams of these researchers together to push the boundaries of human understanding of microbiomes — the distinct constellations of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that live within and around humans, other species and the environment.

Morning talks will cover topics including a status update on CMI's research, as well as presentations on the Global Foodomics Project and the American Gut Project. After lunch, speakers will address host-microbe interaction in the inflamed gut, mapping microbial derived small molecules in humans, the Gut-Brain Axis state of the art, microbiome Natural Products Library (NPL) initiative and artificial intelligence, and microbiome workflow and standardization, followed by closing remarks.



Speakers at the CMI Research Summit opening session will include Jacobs School of Engineering Dean Al Pisano, CMI Faculty Director Rob Knight, and CMI Executive Director Sandrine Miller-Montgomery. Other speakers will include: Skaggs School professor Mohit Jain and postdoc Julia Gauglitz; Pediatrics professors Daniel McDonald and Manuela Raffatellu, Bioengineering professor Todd Coleman; and others.



Registration fee for the day-long event is $150 for Corporate and Alumni attendees; admission is free for CMI members, faculty and staff, and the center's industry sponsors.

For assistance with registration or other inquiries, please contact Gabriella Fanelli,

*Registration is Required