Design@Large Lecture Series: Jeff Elman, UC San Diego

Jeff Elman, Distinguished Professor, Cognitive Science


Date: 2018-01-10
Time: 4:00pm
Location: Room 1202, CSE Building, UC San Diego

Guest Speaker: Jeffrey Elman, UC San Diego
Distinguished Professor, Cognitive Science

Host: Design Lab at UC San Diego


The Design@Large Lecture Series for the Winter Quarter 2018 resumes with a talk by UC San Diego cognitive science professor Jeff Elman, who is co-directing a new data science institute to be launched in January at UC San Diego.

[Check back for details about Elman's lecture title and abstract.]


Jeff Elman, distinguished professor of cognitive science and former dean of the Division of Social Sciences, is a pioneer in artificial neural networks and an internationally recognized scholar in the field of language processing and learning. He studies language through computational models and through psycholinguistic and neuroimaging studies. A member of the UC San Diego faculty since 1977, he was a founding member of the Department of Cognitive Science, the first of its kind in the world, as well as founding director of the Center for Research in Language and founding co-director of the university’s Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind. Among his honors is the prestigious David E. Rumelhart Prize, which he received in 2007 in recognition of his groundbreaking contributions to the theoretical foundations of cognitive science. Most recently, he was named inaugural director of the Office for Online and Technology Enhanced Education at UC San Diego. He also holds the cognitive science Chancellor’s Associates Chair.