Design Forward Summit

Design Forward 2017 Summit


Date: 2017-10-26
Time: All day
Location: Liberty Station, San Diego

Guest Speaker: Don Norman, Director, Design Lab at UC San Diego; et al.

*Registration is Required.
Host: Design Forward Alliance


The 2017 Design Forward Summit,  now in its second year, will focus on how good design will impact companies' bottom line. The summit originated with the Design Lab at UC San Diego and community partners now part of the Design Forward Alliance.

Design Forward is a San Diego-born movement bringing together multi-disciplinary design, business and civic leaders for a dynamic, interactive Summit committed to strengthening our local and global communities through human-centered design. The DF17 Summit seeks to ignite conversation and action around how design can improve the way we live, work and play – and provide designers and decision makers with the tools to affect real and lasting change.

Companies are facing decisions on how to think about design. Do you invest or think this is just the next fad here today, gone tomorrow?  Design led companies see design as more than aesthetics or how something looks. Instead, they have a shift in mindset to see good design as creating a memorable customer experience. These experiences do more than simply engage audiences. They build and nurture deeply rooted, personalized connections.

Design Forward Summit 2017 brings together smart, forward thinking organizations that embed design into their business practices. You will speak face to face with leaders in these organizations that are committed to creating a deeper loyalty among customers, and ultimately to make an impact on their business results. Learn how design sits at the core of creating amazing brand experiences.  Successful companies won’t just create great design. They’ll have a secret weapon to help them stand out. Others that aren’t willing to invest in design because they think it can’t be measured or tied to ROI will fall behind. Where will your company stand?

Attendees will leave inspired, empowered and equipped with actionable next steps in applying human-centered design to their work in order to solve real-world challenges, allowing our communities to grow and thrive.

The Design Forward Summit is sponsored by the Design Lab at UC San Diego, Port of San Diego, Covalent, and Dexcom.



A diverse collection of speakers, panelists, showcases, hands-on workshops and masterclasses will keep you engaged throughout the Summit. An all-star list of speakers and facilitators that will share their experience and insight into how we can contribute to our future through human-centered design. The include:

Phil Gilbert, General Manager of Design at IBM
Meriah Garrett, Chief Design Officer at USAA
Don Norman, Director, Design Lab at UC San Diego
Jared Erondu, Head of Design, Lattice
Kara DeFrias, Former UX Director, Obama White House and UX Leader, Qualcomm, Inc.
Bobby Ghoshal, Head of Design, Ghoshal
Claire Wilson, Human Factors and Ergonomics Specialist, Herman Miller
Matt Cole, President, Cubic Transportation Systems
Steph Habif, Founder, Habif Health and Performance
Sebastian Terry, Head Magician, 100 Things

and more...

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While the Summit takes place on Thursday, Oct. 26, it is preceded by a Kick-off event and community mixer the previous evening at Broadway Pier. It will also be followed on Friday, Oct. 27 by the Creative Mornings and Education Series, at Liberty Station. 

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*Registration is Required